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Version: 1.0.45

  • Updated to reflect Amazon’s new changes to the way they were showing reviews.  Reviews are now working inside of the competition analyzer of Rocket.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the white screen to show up when switching between tabs – especially the AMS tab.
  • Updated the words on the Keyword Feature popup box.


Version: 1.0.44

  • Updated to reflect Amazon’s new way of showing Categories strings



Version: 1.0.43

  • Fixed bug with Amazon suggested searches in the Keyword feature
  • Fixed bug with the previous entered keyword showing up again when you would go to do another keyword search
  • Updated the DigiCert to allow for Rocket to operate happily with other programs and operating systems.



Version: 1.0.42

  • PC version icon was missing


Version: 1.0.41

  • New Feature – AMS Filter.  You can now filter your AMS keyword results based on the way Rocket found it.  So, no longer will get you random books from random categories.  Take control and get the AMS keywords you want, all with a simple click of a button.
  • Bug fix on AMS keyword suggested A-Z keywords

Version: 1.0.40

  • THANK THE MAKER – Amazon finally finished their A/B testing of categories and we created another version of Rocket to work with Amazon’s new way of handling categories.  So, all functionality of the AMS search and Category search are back in operation!


Version: 1.0.39

  • We discovered that Amazon’s Category changes are still in A/B testing.  So, based on Geo-location, some users were seeing the original way, while others were seeing the new way.  We added both to Rocket, so all users could use the new category feature regardless of your location and what version of Categories you were seeing.


Version: 1.0.38

  • A change made only to PC to reflect a bug in the PC version


Version: 1.0.37

  • Updated to reflect Amazon’s new changes to Categories. This will make it so the Category Feature and AMS Keywords Feature report correctly.


Version: 1.0.36

  • Added the word “version” to the bottom to help make the version number more identifiable
  • Made the version number a clickable link that will take you to this page.
    That way, all users can not only see what the latest version is but also can read about what we changed
  • Fixed a bug with Amazon suggested A-Z suggestions
  • Renamed three of the four features to something that is a little more straightforward:
    • Idea Search -> Keyword Search
    • Competitor Analysis -> Competitor Analyzer
    • Category Hunter -> Category Search
  • Removed “Report Bugs” and have combined that with Support.
  • Removed “Download Tutorial PDF” link at the bottom.  All tutorial information will be shown on the Tutorial page


Version: 1.0.35

  • Minor bug fixes


Version: 1.0.34

  • After coming out with the Category Feature, Amazon changed their category internal programming, causing our Category Feature to fail at pulling information as well as the category aspect of our AMS Search to fail as well.  Once Amazon got their new programming finished, we pulled an all-nighter and made the necessary changes to reflect Amazon’s changes.


Version 1.0.33

  • Introduced the brand new Category Hunter feature.  With this, you can now quickly do a search of for niche categories, and see how many books that day you’d need to sell in order to be #1 or in the top #20 of a category.
  • See it in action here: