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KDP Rocket Introductory Help Guide

Learn how to downloand and install KDP Rocket, as well as how to get started finding profitable niches and accessing the data that KDP Rocket can provide for you.  Learn how to conduct a idea search, as well as check the competition and we’ll even answer some Frequently Asked Questions to boot.

Video Tutorials

1. How to Use KDP Rocket Introduction

Get a quick overview on KDP Rocket and how you can get started finding profitable book ideas, and checking the book competition that’s out there. In under 10 minutes you’ll be ready to go with one of the fastest book research tools on the market.  Check it out here.

2. How to Research and Select Kindle Keywords and Niches

When you go to publish your book on KDP or Createspace, Amazon will ask you to enter seven kindle keywords, with each one separated by a comma.  These are important because they tell Amazon where you think your book should show up. Choose the right ones, and you’ll get more customers.  Find out how to select the right ones with KDP Rocket.

3. How to Check the Book Competition

Knowing who your competitors are and how they are succeeding is very important.  That’s why we created the Competition Analysis page.  Here you can find out important factors that will help you decide if the keyword or niche is too competitive or if you can gain a competitive advantage over the other books  that rank.  Find out how to do that here.

4. How to Rank Your Book On Amazon

Great!  So now you have some Kindle Keywords, but how do you get your book to rank for that?  Or better yet, how do you rank BETTER?  Well find out about the three phases to rankings and improving your rankings so you can benefit from your research with this discussion on Kindle rankings.

Case Studies

Case Study: Researching a Hot Niche Topic

In this case study, we’re going to be looking at a hot new kindle book niche trend, Pokemon Go.  I’ll show you how KDP Rocket can help you navigate these trends and make the right decisions when the next trend hits.

Coming Soon…

Coming Soon…